Premier League 27-28 August


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Premier League 27-28 August Empty Premier League 27-28 August

Post by Murray on Sat Aug 27, 2016 2:38 pm

Tottenham v Liverpool

Chelsea V Burnley

Crystal Palace V Bournemouth

Everton V Stoke

Leicester V Swansea

Southampton V Sunderland

Watford V Arsenal

Hull V Man Utd

West Brom V Middlesbrough

Man City V West Ham


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Premier League 27-28 August Empty Re: Premier League 27-28 August

Post by Fey on Sat Aug 27, 2016 3:42 pm

Yeah Spurs dont impress me at all this season so far.
Isco Benny
Isco Benny

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Premier League 27-28 August Empty Re: Premier League 27-28 August

Post by Isco Benny on Sat Aug 27, 2016 4:04 pm

Pretty sure you said the same thing last season as well Fey....

In fact last season after 4 games and 3 points every fucker and his dog was saying Spurs were finished and Kane was a one hit wonder. Meanwhile Man City won 5 in a row and were being crowned champions by September. Different clubs peak at different times. We have been underwhelming so far this season no doubt, but Pochetinno has already said a number of times that due to the Euros this year he had to let the vast majority rest longer than he'd have liked and so are a few weeks behind where he would have wanted them. Rather a slowish start picking up points against a very good Liverpool and Everton sides than tailing off again end of season like last year.

Few observations from today's game:

- Matip and Lovren looked very solid for Liverpool, despite the lack of real creativity from us. Impressed with them both physically : Klopp has got them aggressive which when you're playing Kane and Janssen who are strong centre forwards is inportant.

- Vorm saved Poch from some very risky decisions to play such a high line. We are lucky to have two top class keepers, now imagine if Liverpool solved that conundrum....

- Danny fucking Rose. For all of his unrefined moments, as a Spurs fan it's impossible not to love him for his consistent endeavour. Rarely do you see a player put his mind body and soul on the line every game like he does. Is he the best left back in the world: hell no. But he must be a total fucker to play against as he never stops going. The Renaissance man. Hashtag Wojciech Szexzyny

- Klopp's nipples are extremely pointy. Poch's are definitely flatter and I imagine has impressive sized areoli.

- Liverpool were better for large periods, definitely looked sharper and more drilled. Which means we got a point despite playing badly. Sign of champions? Yeah go on then

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Premier League 27-28 August Empty Re: Premier League 27-28 August

Post by Luis on Sat Aug 27, 2016 4:57 pm

Didn't see the game but I'll take a point at Spurs at this stage when we had injuries to Can and Origi as well as fitness doubts for Coutinho.

4 points from 9 is an ok start when Arsenal and Spurs away are 2 of the games. We need to start putting a winning run together though and start settling on a best choice 11.
Di Caniooooo!

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Premier League 27-28 August Empty Re: Premier League 27-28 August

Post by Di Caniooooo! on Wed Aug 31, 2016 3:26 am

Arguero set to miss the Manchester derby for elbowing Reid. Yet again, we're screwed over by the referees.

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Premier League 27-28 August Empty Re: Premier League 27-28 August

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